My Bible for 2012

For the last ten years or so, I have enjoyed and benefited from the practice of using a different Bible each year as I read through the Bible. In this way, I've discovered and become familiar with the English Standard Version, the Complete Jewish Bible, The Message, the Narrated Bible, and more.

I'm very excited about my Bible for 2012. It's The Mosaic Bible, a new NLT edition from Tyndale House Publishers. Besides the fact that it is an absolutely gorgeous book, with color illustrations that incorporate the best of modern and ancient, traditional and contemporary, it offers a devotional component that walks the reader through the Church Year, beginning (of course) with Advent and proceeding through the seasons of the liturgical calendar. The weekly readings are deep and meaningful, and incorporate voices from a wide spectrum--or mosaic--of Christianity. The volume also includes a helpful introduction, Tyndale's NLT Word Study System, key words, and an NLT dictionary and concordance.

Since the Church Year begins with Advent, I've already begun using The Mosaic Bible, and will continue through Advent next year. I also plan to use the NLT in my three-year plan to memorize the Psalms, in their entirety, fifty psalms a year. I hope to update the readers of this blog every so often on how I'm doing, and how God is using the psalms in my life.

You can preview The Mosaic Bible online, here.

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