Last-Minute Christmas Giving Opportunities

Done with your Christmas shopping? Every gift bought? Good to go?

Congratulations. Well done. But many of us neglect the kind of gift-giving that may be most pleasing to God and most reflective of the spirit of Christmas: giving to the poor, the lonely, the neglected, those outside our own families.

In my tiny brain and heart, Christmas isn't truly celebrated unless I give generously, not only to my family and friends, but also to the types of people God made sure to include in the first Christmas: foreigners, despised, poor, forgotten, old people. If you are of a similar mind and heart, I'd be tickled if this post encourages you to give a Christmas gift to one of my favorite causes:

The Salvation Army Online Red Kettle

WEGO Peru, the missionary enterprise of our friends Don and Christie Latta

Harvest of Hope, through which you can buy nutrition for a slum child or a goat, cow, or chicken for a family

Samaritan's Purse, which offers an online "gift catalog" from which to choose

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