The Heavenly Man

The Heavenly Man tells the riveting story of Brother Yun (Liu Zhenying), a Chinese house church leader who began to follow Jesus Christ as a teenager in China's Hunan Province.

His story reads like a modern day Acts of the Apostles, complete with a miraculous delivery of a Chinese Bible to young Yun, a miraculous (and Acts 12-like) escape from prison, explosive growth of the Chinese church amid persecution, and more. It is written in a straightforward, matter-of-fact style that enhances the credibility of this remarkable testimony.

This excellent book is not a missionary story (though one chapter presents a Chinese-born missionary vision that ought to challenge--maybe even shame--the Western Church), but a compelling story that will engage and encourage everyone who reads it. Brother Yun taught me much about commitment, mission, prayer, Bible reading and memorization, and loving and following the Lord one step at a time. His testimony of faith and faithfulness in spite of poverty, persecution, arrest, imprisonment, beatings, and torture will challenge readers to re-evaluate their own faith...and seek God anew.

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