What's in a Name?

So, Campus Crusade for Christ has announced a plan to change the name of the global parachurch ministry to "Cru." Which got me thinking (always a dangerous proposition). This may start a trend. A tidal wave, perhaps, of Christian organizations changing their names in similar fashion. So I thought I'd jump ahead of the curve and make some nominations (you're welcome):

Old name: The Southern Baptist Convention
New name: SoBaps

Old name: The United Methodist Church
New name: The Meth Church

Old name: The Salvation Army
New name: The Sal

Old name: The Episcopal Church
New name: EpiC

Old name: The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
New name: Greex

Old name: The Presbyterian Church
New name: The Prez

Old name: The Assemblies of God
New name:(Never mind...not touching that one)

Old name: Seventh-Day Adventist
New name: 7

Old name: Church of the Nazarene
New name: The Naz

Old name: Church of the Brethren
New name: Bros

Some of the above (like The Prez and The Naz) have actually been used within the organization. Others are so inspired, I should charge a fee.

And, of course, the list is nowhere near exhaustive. You may have some to add. So bring it on!


  1. Some of us in The Salvation Army do, occaisonally, refer to it as The Sal...

  2. Oh, so you're THAT Jeff Carter. You're right, Jeff. And, of course, in Canada, there is the "Sally Ann."