iPad Devotional Apps

A dear friend recently emailed to ask what devotional and Bible-reading tools I use on my iPad. I thought it'd be worthwhile to share my response, and ask for more from readers of the Desperate Pastor. Here's what I said:
If you don't already have a kindle app, download it (free). I have used several devotional things on it (The Divine Hours Pocket Edition (paid) when I travel, plus this year I'm using the Message Solo New Testament (free...at least it was) for my Bible reading) .

Also, there's a free app called "Daily Help" that gives you morning and evening readings from Spurgeon. I used it last year.

Plus, if you subscribe to the RSS feed of the "Books on the Knob" blog, you'll stay current on free books being offered via Kindle, Nook, etc. (However, be warned that while they feature Christian books often, they also mention LGBT and sensual romances).

Also, the YouVersion Bible (from LifeChurch in OKC) is a free multi-translation Bible app. And you can Google the following Bibles that are free on Kindle: ESV and HCB (Holman Christian Bible).
So what about you? What devotional apps (free or paid) have you used on your iPad?


  1. I use Leadership Prayers by Richard Kriegbaum, it was a free Kindle book from Amazon

  2. LOVE that book, Phyllis! Thanks for commenting.

  3. I've listed several devotional and Bible Study apps at our site www.ipadinministry.com Hope they help others find some edifying apps!