Coming Soon: GodQuest

I'm excited to tell you about a major new all-church campaign in which I had the privilege of being involved.

It's called GodQuest, and it's a new six-week church series and small group study that will help answer the questions of seekers and help followers of Jesus develop a solid Biblical foundation for their faith. And it is an excellent resource for outreach to your community, offering powerful truths and compelling evidences for faith in Christ, along with a myriad of gorgeous promotional materials.

I can PERSONALLY vouch for the novel, The Quest, and the six sermons included in the church resources for the campaign. The small group study features powerful video teaching from my friend Sean McDowell, along with video testimonies and lessons from Lee Strobel, Josh McDowell, and others. It can be used for:

Sunday Morning Sermon Series
Adult Small Groups or Sunday School Classes
Youth Group Study or Sunday School Classes
New Believer's Class
Seeker Foundations Class

Go here to find out more, see all the available products and resources, and pre-order materials (most products will be shipping late this month).

There is also a great Facebook page,, where you can comment and stay up-to-date as people experience this life-changing journey.

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