Happy 2nd Anniversary

The Desperate Pastor blog is TWO YEARS OLD today! The first blog post, appearing on April 25, 2009, was "The Beauty of Broken Things." It was profound. It SHOULD have been award-winning. But no one noticed. No matter. There have been 774 posts since.

The first book review was posted the next day, on April 26, 2009. Though it wasn't actually a review, but eleven quotes from Leonard Sweet's book, 11 Indispensable Relationships You Can't Do Without. There have been 79 book reviews since.

The first "Church of the Week" feature--Cusco Cathedral--appeared June 1. There have been 96 "church of the week" features since.

The first video appeared on June 2, 2009: "Future Preacher."

You can see from the categories list at right how many posts in different categories have appeared in these two years. Some of my favorites these past two years have been How Technology Helps Me, How I Got My Groove Back, The Blessings of Compline, and Why Every Pastor Should Go to Israel. But they've all been great. Don't you agree? (Just say yes)

Here's to another two years at the Desperate Pastor blog....and maybe more after that!

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