Church of the Week: Little Stone Church, Mackinac Island, Michigan

Little Stone Church is a Congregational Church located on Mackinac Island, Michigan. The lovely Robin and I visited here in 2006.

The church structure was built of local fieldstone in 1904. The builder and his crew gathered local fieldstones to construct the church; the granite cut stones used for the buttresses and courses surrounding windows and the door must be imported, however, as they are not indigenous to the Island. The 55-by-40 foot interior, featuring gleaming woodwork, and deep-set, colorful memorial windows is virtually unchanged except for the addition of a rose window above the altar (below).

There are about 100 members, most of whom are summer residents. Consequently, weekly Sunday morning worship services take place only from late May to early October.

Reverend Dr. Vincent Carroll, a retired Navy chaplain, serves the congregation (I'd like to know the next time they open applications!).

Little Stone Church is also a registered Michigan historic site.

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