Top Ten Reasons Christmas is More Popular Than Easter

I featured this Top Ten list in my Easter sermon this morning. The Top Ten Reasons Christmas is More Popular Than Easter (despite the fact that Easter is the most significant day, not only in the Christian calendar, but in the history of humankind):

10. Christmas has hundreds of carols; Easter has that one “Easter Bonnet” song by Judy Garland.

9. Christmas has Santa Claus; the Easter Bunny just can’t compete.

8. Christmas has elaborate and fragrant Christmas trees; Easter has plastic eggs hanging from trees.

7. Christmas has figgy pudding. Okay, no one knows what that is, so never mind.

6. Christmas has festive light displays; Easter has grass and flowers.

5. Christmas has angels; Easter has angels, too. Call it a tie.

4. Christmas has cookies; Easter has chocolate. Okay, count that as “1” for Easter.

3. Christmas has office parties; Easter doesn’t. Okay, count that as “2” for Easter.

2. Christmas is all about a baby, and everybody loves babies; there are no babies in the Easter story.

And, the number one reason Christmas is more popular than Easter:

1. On Christmas we get countless toys, games, and gizmos as gifts; on Easter we get a basket and new clothes. No comparison.

And, yes, I know these reasons are incredibly shallow. That's the point.

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