Church of the Week: Prayer Room, The Salvation Army THQ, Nyack, NY

At the close of three days at The Salvation Army's Eastern Territorial Headquarters in Nyack, New York (outside New York City), most of which was spent in the two-and-a-half-year-old conference center addition, the lovely Robin and I were heading out of the building for the last time...when we spied the etched sign on a glass door in the main lobby: Prayer Room.

We entered a beautifully furnished prayer room with a fine view (and more so, I'm sure, in just a few weeks). At the center of the room are two lavish leather couches, perfect for a small prayer gathering. To the right in the photo above you'll also see a kneeling bench at the window.

Behind the couch is this (above) sculpture of the Good Samaritan, obviously appropriate for a Salvation Army chapel anywhere in the world.

The bright stained-glass window (detail, above) features the Salvation Army crest against the city skyline, the cross of Jesus Christ wrapped in the Salvation Army flag, and the motto, "Others," at the bottom.

Though not pictured, the room also provides two small tables in opposite corners, and a television screen mounted on the wall opposite the windows.

I was so glad to have discovered this feature of the Army's Eastern THQ building. It is a spot any pastor, church, or organization could well envy, and I hope it is one that is used often, now and in the future.

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