Signs Money Is Our Idol

I've become keenly aware lately of the pervasive idolatry in the church--in MY ME! Not that it's anything new, but even among us who would NEVER consciously worship money, there still exists a soft idolatry (if any idolatry can be called soft) that is revealed in the following ways:

* The preacher can preach about hell, abortion, adultery--any number of sensitive issues--without offending me, but when the subject of money comes up every so often, I grow concerned that "we're emphasizing money too much."

* I assume, in tough economic times, that Christmas can't possibly be as good this year, because money is too tight.

* I can have faith that God will heal, that God will save, that God can do anything....but when it comes to budgets and finances, I think faith in the face of cold, hard financial facts is irresponsible.

* I wait for the money--rather than waiting on God--before doing the things I or we could do "if we just had the money."

There are more, of course. But man, oh man, it's insidious and pervasive, isn't it?

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