10 Quick Tips for Doing Leadership as Jesus Led

From the blog of Ron Edmondson:
Jesus was an excellent leader. If I want to really be successful, I need to learn to lead the Jesus way. Here are 10 quick tips for doing leadership as Jesus led:

1. Recruit with big asks
2. Hold followers accountable
3. Challenge the status quo
4. Love the spectacular
5. Lead by example
6. Keep a few tricks up your sleeve
7. Use teachable moments
8. Invest trust into followers and release them to explore
9. Accomplish the mission at any costs
10. Finish Well

I decided not to unpack them for you, but let you think through them yourself. Someday I may share some more thoughts.
Interesting points. He doesn't go for the obvious, like "serve," "love," "forgive," etc., but his points easily suggest scenes from the life of Jesus.

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