Church of the Week: Chapel of the Holy Child, Children's Hospital (Cinti.)

This week's "church of the week" is the second hospital chapel in a row, and the third to be featured as church of the week on this blog. It's the Chapel of the Holy Child, in Cincinnati's Children's Hospital. I had occasion to visit this chapel last week, while my granddaughter Calleigh was being tested in the Testing Referral area right next to the chapel.

It actually contains two chapels, a multi-faith sanctuary (see above photo, note the open doors to the left of the corridor).

With a contemporary interior design by the Schickel Design Company, the Chapel of the Holy Child includes the altar and twelve original stained glass windows from the 1926 chapel (see the altar and two of the original stained glass windows, below).

New custom-designed stained glass windows are also included in the contemporary design, as well as a baptismal font with gently flowing water and creative lighting.

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