Christmas Weekend

What a wonderful Advent and Christmas this has been! The Advent Conspiracy has been a miraculous blessing (and I'll report on the final results next Sunday in church and Monday on this blog), and the Christmas Eve celebration at The Loft and yesterday's Sunday celebrations were all glorious.

Like last year, the house was packed...

And the children came in pj's, full of excitement....and gathered in the "Kids' Zone" and entertained us all!

Beautiful music, a well-planned flow of music and video and speaking....

All came to a conclusion with the celebration of communion and a candlelight service, by which time it seemed we were all about to jump out of our skins from the joy of the Lord....

What a blessing. What a wonderful weekend. What a joy to serve God with such people.

And, finally, joy of joys, my grandson Miles sat on my lap in his new Thomas the Train pj's, transfixed while his father led us in "Song to the King," and then said he wanted to go onstage with me when I went back up for the benediction. So I kept my mic muted until the two of us got into place at center stage and I was ready to pray....but at the moment the mic came live, Miles looked down at the luminaries lining the platform and said, "There's fire in the candles!" But then he just looked around at the beautiful candlelit scene while I pronounced the benediction. It's a beautiful thing to share such moments with the family of God.

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  1. Fire in the Candles. Nice title for a book.