The Beauty of Christ in the Church

Blogging has been light the past few days, because the lovely Robin and I have been giving as much support as possible to our firstborn, Aubrey, and her husband Kevin, and their newborn Calleigh. They were told last Wednesday that the doctor thought it was possible Calleigh could have cystic fibrosis (based on her newborn tests), and therefore further testing was called for.

At such times, the church really reflects the beauty of Christ. Calleigh was a subject of prayer at last Friday's House of Prayer in The Loft, scores of our brothers and sisters from literally around the world have pledged their prayers, folks have reached out to Aubrey and Kevin with meals and other support, and on Sunday after our 10 a.m. celebration at Cobblestone Community Church, a time of anointed and Spirit-led prayer was held for Calleigh and her parents. It was not only a ministry to the McCane and Hostetler families but, as tends to happen at such times, it was also a testimony to some who were new to the church.

To make a long story short, Aubrey and Kevin took Calleigh to Children's Hospital in Cincinnati for a "sweat test" yesterday morning, but we learned later that day that the test was unsuccessful...Calleigh just didn't sweat enough to produce a result, one way or the other. So, yesterday afternoon, I accompanied Aubrey and Calleigh to the Children's Hospital in West Chester for blood to be taken and tested. That means, in 10-14 days, I believe we will have further and final confirmation of Calleigh's deliverance (we've already had a great many confirmations; God's hand has been all over this situation, and as a father I rejoice to see the faith, wisdom, submission, and maturity of my daughter and son-in-law).

Thanks to all who have been and still are praying, and much honor and glory to God for his gentle care during this time...through his Spirit and through his Church.

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