Church of the Week: Chapel of Mercy (Fairfield) Hospital, Cincinnati

I've had more than one occasion to stop in briefly at this hospital chapel, in Farifield, Ohio (a suburb of Cincinnati), for prayer...most recently on the occasion of my granddaughter Calleigh's birth the day before Thanksgiving. Mercy is a Roman Catholic hospital, so of course, the chapel is a Catholic chapel.

The private prayer bench, visible in the photo above, faces the ostensorium, the vessel that contains the host, just inches away on a small altar (behind the translucent partition).

Though I usually like to kneel in a prayer chapel, my preference in this one has been to sit in one of the seats provided.

On the whole, the chapel is far from one of my favorites. Its spare modern decor doesn't seem to show the attention to detail and conduciveness to meditation that is usually found in Catholic chapels. But, on the bright side, maybe that's why I've yet to find it occupied when I go there to pray.

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