Ugly Church Art

Carolina Cannonball held an ugly church art contest, and my first reaction was, "some of these aren't that bad." My second reaction was, "Yeah, guess they are." Most of them, anyway. A couple I thought could be borderline. But the "putrid pieta" was merely confusing....until the caption told me it was trying to be a pieta! I had no idea.

My "ugliest" would have to be the "side of beef" Jesus:

and Rock Monster Jesus:

I loved the caption for the above: "Rock Monster will eat your priests."

Several entries, I must admit, reminded me of the entryway sculpture at the Abbey of Gethsemani, which has always creeped out my wife, the lovely Robin:

As one commenter said of the Rock Monster Jesus (but which I think is more applicable to this one), sort of reminds you of Han Solo in carbonite, doesn't it?

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