Groovy Church

I love my church. It was another great day at Cobblestone Community Church! We concluded our "Summer of Love" series with a dynamic worship set, including a moving prayer segment following up last week's "Love Dare," a Top Ten Best Things About the Sixties from John Johnson, and I spoke on "The Breadth of Love," from Ephesians 3:18 and Luke the hippie threads you see at left. People laughed. I don't know why. I thought I was groovy.

I love it when the Spirit does his thing, and he did it this morning. Sharla, observing that the worship set was longer than she thought, prayerfully decided to do the final song in the set anyway; I was not sure (because of multiple sound and video clips in the Top Ten list) how long the message would be. But the Spirit took over the timing and it all worked out perfectly!

I love my church. Have I said that?

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