In Which I Interview Myself

One of the blogs I read daily, this one Swerve, by Craig Groeschel, features an interview with a different church leader each day. It's been encouraging in many ways, not the least of which comes from the assurance that I'm not alone, I'm not the only various areas. So, since I don't expect Craig will ever ask me ("Bob Who?"), I thought I'd supply my own answers:

1. What is the biggest leadership lesson you’ve learned over the past year?

That to lead is to make decisions, and to make decisions is to disappoint (some) people. I am also learning that I am responsible for my actions, not other's reactions. I have wasted so much time and energy in the past few years trying to manage or counter people's emotions and dysfunctions and suspicions and the like, and the only thing I got for my trouble was criticism, anxiety, and depression. So I'm learning (sloowwwwly) to lead with all diligence (Romans 12:8), with passion even, but not get focused on results or reactions.

2. What is God showing you personally?

Fear not. If God is sovereign (and he is), and if his plans for me and my family and my church are good plans (and they are), then fear is a sinful waste of energy.

3. What is the top ministry challenge you’re currently facing?


4. What do you do for fun?

Spend time with my wife, the lovely Robin. Spend time with my kids. Spend time with my grandkids. Read.

5. What books are you reading?

Just finished Axiom by Bill Hybels, and am now reading Jerusalem by Karen Armstrong, and The Servant Leader by Blanchard and Hodges. Also Black by Ted Dekker.

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