I Need More Less is More Leadership and Less More is More Leadership. Need I Say More?

This week's book of the week happens to be by Dale Burke, Chuck Swindoll’s successor at Fullerton EV Free, who also used to pastor in Oxford, where I now pastor. But I’m reading it because of the title, and the promise of “Less is More Leadership.” I need that.

See, I’m on staff in a church that wisely grants our staff a “weekend” off every week (Monday AND Tuesday). That’s NOT the rule among pastors, I know, and for all my previous ministry history, I felt like I was doing great when I got ONE day off a week! So how come, even with two days off a week (most weeks), one of which I reserve as a sabbath, how come I still feel like Wednesday morning hits and the next five days are a frantic ride on the back of a tiger who’s just been shot out of a cannon that was packed with rocket fuel? I’ve been asking this question of everyone I can lately, fellow pastors, friends, my shrink, you name it!

On the one hand, I and my fellow staff members accomplish a prodigious amount of work every single week, so I am grateful for that. But, on the other hand, I don’t feel like we’ve hit a rhythm yet, a routine to our week that contributes to peace, creativity, etc. Maybe our problem is partly the timing of a Mon/Tues “weekend.” After all, Sunday is game day, so to speak, for us, and it’s only natural for the whole rest of the week to point to that day.

Also, I know that we’re blessed as a church to have staff members whose tendency is to work too hard. That’s the kinda people we always wanna hire, of course. It’s a blessing, and sure makes for great staff relationships and cooperation. But maybe we’re not doing such a great job of helping each other achieve sanity in our routines and rhythms. Maybe we ALL need to figure out how to lead and still have a life (and Burke's book has been helpful, so much so that we've incorporated the video series into our staff meetings).

I know there are some pastors who don’t feel constantly under the gun...right? I see ‘em at pastors’ conferences all the time. They’ve got it figured out. They’re refreshed, they’re in the zone ministry-wise....so if you’re out there, tell me what I’m doing wrong!

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