Church of the Week: Centennial Memorial Temple

One of the most famous buildings in the history of The Salvation Army is the Centennial Memorial Temple, located at 120 West 14th Street in Manhattan and erected in 1930 under the direction of former National Commander Evangeline Booth.

The building is a beautiful example of art deco architecture, designed as it was at the height of that era. Like most Salvation Army structures, it is intentionally unchurchlike.

The lovely Robin and I have often worshiped in this space, most regularly from 1978-1980 when, as cadets in The Salvation Army's School for Officers' Training in Suffern, New York, we would worship and minister at every "FET" (Friday Evening at the Temple) there.


  1. Oh, wow...memories are flooding back. I spent many Friday nights from 78-81 helping Judy Small record FET sermons to send to Army missionaries. Then many more from 82-83 and 87-92 with the Staff Band. When I worked at THQ one of my favorite things to do was to sit in that room when it was quiet and empty thinking of all the saints that had worshipped there.

  2. Absolutely, Joe. What a rich history that place has, from Eva Booth to Eva Burrows...and even Joe Bassett!