Some Days Are Just Better Than Others

What a privilege it was this past Sunday to dedicate four beautiful children at Cobblestone--two of them being my grandchildren, Miles and Mia!

Miles stole the show...I think it was after I prayed for Mia (above) and moved on to pray for Abe and Eden, his parents traded kids and Miles took that opportunity while in his mother's arms to smother her face with kisses, right there on stage, in front of everyone! He and Mia (as well as Abe Holzworth and Eden Bishop) were absolute angels the whole time!

Add to that joy the fact that my son once again led me in worship, and the time spent after church at the Holzworths' home celebrating with the other families who participated, and I can't imagine a better Father's Day.

Just one more pic, as I can't resist including the moment when Miles leaned over to kiss his little sister's head.

(All pictures courtesy of Andrea Hughes)

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