A Grandson's Dedication

My son-in-law Kevin took some video (on his iPhone 3GS!) of the dedication a week ago of Miles and Mia Hostetler, Abe Holzworth, and Eden Bishop.

He sent me this clip of my dedication prayer for Miles:

Miles stole the show...I think it was after I prayed for Mia (next) and moved on to pray for Abe and Eden, his parents traded kids and Miles took that opportunity while in his mother's arms to smother her face with kisses. Inexpressibly charming.

Oh, and by the way, the final phrase of my prayer, I think, that got cut off of the video at the end, was "one who is always dancing with you."

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  1. Sorry I couldn't send the whole thing. It only let me send that bit. Stupid iPhone! What good is it?! ;)