Church of the Week: Little Country Church

This week's church is the more-than-aptly named Little Country Church on Rt. 321 in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

We passed it several times during our May vacation in Gatlinburg, and eventually I just had to stop and snap this photo of one of the smallest churches you'll ever see. Not only that: it seems to be an actual, functioning church. The sign out front says there's service every Sunday at 9 a.m.

The interior (which I could see only through the windows in the door) looks like it could seat no more than 16 or so people:

It looks like I may just have found a church I can pastor effectively.


  1. I passed this church this week. There was no sign and weeds and ivy are growing up all around it. Sad sight somehow. I had an idea. I took ziploc bags and filled them with gospel tracts. I hung the bags on the hooks where the sign used to hang. Believe it or not, bags were gone later on and I kept replacing them for duration of my vacation in Gatlinburg. I hope someone will continue this tradition. Would love to see this church back in operation.

  2. I do believe this is the same chapel we were married in in 2001.