Fifteen Things That Will Help Us Go Insane!

AGAIN, from Perry Noble's blog:

Fifteen Things That Will Help Us Go Insane!

#1 – Get a fresh, life changing, hell emptying vision from God

#2 – Expect everyone to be excited about it, and to provide you will nothing but affirmation and support.

#3 – Let people who haven’t heard from the Lord begin to alter your vision because you are scared of them.

#4 – Try to continually defend the vision to everyone who attacks it.

#5 – Care about everything that anyone says…whether they know you are not.

#6 – Spend more time focusing on what negative people say rather than what God says.

#7 – Try to do what God has told you to do all by yourself!

#8 – Neglect correction from those who love Jesus, the church and you.

#9 – Don’t hold people accountable because you are afraid they may get mad if you call them out.

#10 – Hold people accountable for unspoken and unrealistic expectations.

#11 – Use your vision as a means to judge the vision God has given someone else…and if they aren’t doing it just like you then attack them so much that the Lord’s voice grows faint.

#12 – Become impatient with God’s timing and “help Him” by doing things that He doesn’t lead you to do.

#13 – Try to be “fair” to everyone you serve with.

#14 – When it gets tough…QUIT!

#15 – Spend all of your life saying that “one day” you are going to do what God has called you to do…just not right now because it isn’t convenient.

Bonus: Refuse to answer the question, “What would I be willing to attempt for God if I knew I could not fail?”

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