A True Christian Gentleman

According to this article, Charles Colson's family has been alerted to a turn in his condition and is gathering at his bedside.

Colson is a former special counsel to President Nixon, founder of Prison Fellowship, author and broadcaster. I met him sometime in the late 1990s when his ministry flew me to Virginia for a lunch meeting with him to discuss a possible co-authoring partnership. Unfortunately, I had to decline the opportunity due to scheduling conflicts, but I'll never forget my ninety minutes (only sixty were scheduled) with Mr. Colson. He was clearly brilliant, but more than that, he was a kind, thoughtful, generous Christian gentleman, magnanimous in his reception of me, his conversation with me, and his gracious treatment of me.

Please join me in praying for him and his family in what may be his final hours:
"Lord, please minister to your servant Charles Colson as you have, through him, ministered to many. Send peace and comfort, freedom from pain or fear. Meet his family's every need. Surround them with your care and support them with your presence. Carry them through these coming days with providential and miraculous strength and provision, in Jesus' name, amen."

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