Church of the Week: St. Aloysius Chapel, Cincinnati, OH

It was my joy and privilege this past Friday to perform the wedding of Kyle and Shannon (Sellers) Phillips in the St. Aloysius Chapel, in Cincinnati (the chapel is on the right in the photo above).

St. Aloysius Chapel (also known as the Holy Family Chapel) is located at 4721 Reading Road, on the grounds of St. Aloysius Orphanage in Bond Hill. The orphanage as an organization dates back to 1839, when it was located on Fourth Street in Cincinnati. The orphanage moved to the 62.5 acres on Reading Road (then called Dayton Road) in 1856.

The gorgeous stone chapel was constructed in 1923. The interior is strikingly beautiful and well cared-for. Its golden peaked altar, original wooden pews, and stained glass windows provide a truly inspiring setting. A nondenominational chapel these days, it can accommodate up to 320 guests.

Beautiful stained glass windows, like the above depiction of Jesus and the children (so appropriate for a place dedicated to the care of children), are plentiful and gorgeous.

A gold-leafed panel of angels illuminates the wall on each side of the altar.

I must have passed this chapel hundreds of times in my lifetime, but last week was the first time I entered the grounds and enjoyed the chapel. I'm so glad. It's worth seeing, and added a whole lotta beauty to the occasion.


  1. The Chapel made a special day even better. Thanks for everything and the great post.

    Scott Sellers

  2. I grew up at the orphanage and celebrated Mass in this chapel every day. The illustrations around the side alters may puzzle people today. What could the white horse in reins mean? The 14 pictures each had a multiple stories that were used in sermons throughout the year. The pictures helped us children focus, visualize, remember, and implement some difficult concepts. A chapel built for children that included a children's picture book! For me, this is the most memorable feature. Talk about pastoral foresight!

  3. It really is a beautiful chapel. My fiancee and I visited last week. We are thinking of having our ceremony there. Any comment on the acoustics? During our visit, it seemed that it may be hard to hear what the pastor says from the back of the chapel. Thanks!

  4. If I recall correctly, we had no problems with the sound at all. We didn't rely on the acoustics, but used the microphone and amplification system the church made available to us.

  5. Glad to hear that Pastor! The church really is a hidden gem.