Church of the Week: GracePointe Church, Oxford, Ohio

I had the honor and joy of sharing from God's Word yesterday morning at GracePointe Church in Oxford, Ohio (they even spelled my name correctly on the church sign, above!), a message based on the title chapter from my book, Quit Going to Church. GracePointe is pastored by my good friend and frequent coffee companion, Tim Tice.

It was a lovely morning among fine people. I was made to feel thoroughly at home, and enjoyed the worship led by my friend Chaz White, catching up briefly with my friends Gary Smith and Tom Troke, greeting a handful of old and dear friends from other churches who encouraged me with their presence, and meeting many new friends. I loved the updates this growing congregation has made to their facility. They've done a magnificent job.

I was so involved in the fellowship of the morning and gratified by the response to my message and books that I never thought to take photos. But I swung back by later in the day to snap these pics (above is the entryway from the church parking lot).

It was a wholly enjoyable and relaxed time of fellowship and worship. Thank you, Pastor Tim and GracePointe, for your welcome and encouragement!

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