Top Ten Books of 2010

Of the seventy books I read in 2010, which I listed yesterday on this blog, ten stand out from the rest as the most enjoyable and most memorable to me.

Three novels. One book on pastoring. Two history. Two memoirs, one of which is a "man against the wilderness" book, one of my favorite genres. One you could call Biblical fiction, and another historical fiction. Four by Christian publishers.

If you would like to know more about why a particular book is on the list, those marked with a † have been reviewed on this blog. Simply search for the title, or go to the category sidebar and click on "Book of the Week" to display all the book reviews and just scroll down until you find the one you're looking for. Also, each book's title is linked to the Amazon listing for that title, so you can learn more, read reviews, or purchase the book online.

1. The Pastor as Minor Poet (Barnes) †

2. Naomi and Her Daughters (Wangerin) †

3. Deep Church (Belcher) †

4. Blood and Thunder (Sides)

5. Alexander Hamilton (Chernow)

6. The Blessed Life (Morris) †

7. Three Against the Wilderness (Collier)

8. Lit (Karr)

9. The Virginian (Wister)

10. Pope Joan (Cross)

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