50 Things a Pastor Should Know How to Do

Someone put together a list of what they consider "50 Things Every Guy Should Know How To Do" (turns out I only score a 35). But at least seven have to do with alcohol, and a couple others would be inappropriate for a happily married man, so I don't feel so bad.

But it got me thinking. What would a similar list look like for pastors? What are the 50 things every pastor should know how to do?

How about these:

1. Pray.

2. Read well and deeply.

3. Keep a straight face when someone is telling you something stupid or outrageous.

4. Remember people's names.

5. Pretend to be interested in a meeting.

6. Listen.

7. Comfort someone in distress.

8. Be present.

9. Visit someone in the hospital.

10. Lead someone to faith in Christ.

11. Say no.

12. Preach (how to prepare, write, and deliver a sermon).

13. Meet someone for the first time.

14. Choose wisely (i.e., avoid botulism) at a pot luck meal.

15. Read the Bible.

16. Study the Bible.

17. Memorize Scripture.

18. Hold a baby.

19. Baptize someone.

20. Worship.

21. Listen to God.

22. Cast vision.

23. Ask (and grant) forgiveness.

24. Learn from criticism.

25. Set priorities, goals, and objectives.

26. Be a good husband or wife.

27. Be a good parent.

28. Handle money.

29. Hold his or her temper.

30. Think before speaking.

31. Show a welcoming and hospitable spirit.

32. Give credit where it's due.

33. Identify leaders.

34. Train leaders.

35. Keep a confidence.

36. Stay out of compromising situations.

37. Be accountable.

38. Repay evil with good.

39. Teach.

40. Conduct a funeral.

41. Offer wise counsel.

42. Conduct a wedding.

43. Give generously.

44. Disciple someone.

45. Build strong and deep relationships.

46. Rest.

47. Handle rejection.

48. Fast.

49. Exercise self-discipline.

50. Delegate.

Wow. That's just pretty much off the top of my head. And I'm sure I've missed some really important stuff (which you're welcome to add in the comments). But as I look over the list, I can't identify any one item that I would consider disposable....and could easily have kept going.

So, as if this list wasn't daunting enough....what would YOU add or subtract?

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