Church of the Week: Burg Eltz Chapel, Munstermaifeld, Germany

The site of this week's church of the week is one of the most scenic I've ever seen. It is Castle Eltz in Germany, which the lovely Robin and I visited this past November.

The Eltz family first erected a dwelling on this site, beautifully situated by the River Eltz, nearly a thousand years ago. The oldest part of the present castle dates to the fifteenth century. Despite many wars in the area, this castle has never been conquered, and has been the possession of the same family for thirty-three generations (Robin and I met and spoke to the current owner, Count Karl).

The family chapel, located on the lower floor of the eight-story Rubenach house (the oldest of the three houses in the castle), is entered through this corridor (above).

The tiny late Gothic chapel (it may seat as many as twenty people) is lit primarily by a beautiful bay window.

Small as it is, the chapel has its own side chapel, with a beautiful tryptych of the Madonna and Christ child.

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  1. We just went there this past week but did not get to see the Chapel. Your picture of Eltz Castle is beautiful as we only saw the castle with construction going on. The chapel was not on the tour. We love your blog.