A Wonderful, Dangerous Book

I read a lot of books. Sixty, seventy a year. And I review more than a few on this blog, and elsewhere. And, while I love books, not every book is a great book. Not every book is even a good book. I seldom review bad books, and I try not to gush over a good book.

But this one's gonna be hard. Because The Blessed Life by Robert Morris is a wonderful, dangerous book.

I didn't approach it with a lot of optimism. I was wary. His subtitle ("The Simple Secret of Achieving Guaranteed Financial Results") turned me off...way off. But from the book's first pages, his testimonies of radical faith and giving gripped me, and his thoroughly biblical approach persuaded me. He showed me new things in the Bible. He inspired me. More than anything, he made me want to give more than I already do!

I highlighted so much of this book, I started to worry that there were so many points I wanted to remember, I'd never be able to find a specific one amid all the good points he made. But here are just a few, hopefully enough to convince you to buy or borrow and read this book:
God doesn't need you to give--you need to be blessed.

One of the biggest rewards of obeying God and getting out of debt is the freedom to do the right thing when God speaks to you about it. If God really has done a work in our hearts, why would we be trying to figure out how to diminish the amount of our tithe?

The only people who get offended when you preach on giving are the ones who don't give--those who are in the grasp of the spirit of mammon. The people who have a revelation of giving will not get offended when you preach on it, and those in bondage to mammon can never taste freedom unless they hear the truth.

God is not responsible for bills he does not initiate.

Wherever you find generosity, you will find selfishness battling for control.

God is never going to give you responsibility in the kingdom of God or even the house of God if you can't even handle your checkbook.

Giving is important because it does a supernatural work in our hearts, and that's what God is after--our hearts. God is not after our money. He doesn't need it. But our treasure is tied to our hearts. Thus, God goes through our treasure to get to our hearts.
There's much more in there, but believe me when I say, this is a wonderful book. But it is also dangerous. It will change your heart...and your life...until the windows of heaven are opened and the blessings God's been waiting to bestow will be poured out upon you.

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