Sunday Night Rejoicings

I love my church. I know I've said that before, but it bears saying again: I love my church.

I'll just make a few quick reflections on a great day in the Lord, with the Lord's people.

Con Brio did a great job leading worship this morning. And Gary Antonius, our director of outreach, gave a great, Spirit-led challenge to the whole church to focus on the one thing that matters (according to Galatians 5:6) in advance of our G56 day next Sunday, when we will gather at 10 am for worship and then spread out into the community to apply his teaching. Can't wait!

I praise God for the four newcomers to Cobblestone I was blessed to meet this morning, and for the holiday weekend attendance. Though a lot of our family were traveling or fishing (you know who you are!) or vacationing, I still had trouble finding three seats together for some folks who stepped in after the celebration began.

"The Third" tonight was a blessing, too. Aaron and Sean lead worship, just the two of them, and it was one of my favorite worship sets ever. Not that I don't miss Chaz, Jeremy, and Kyle when they're not there...I'm just saying...

I LOVED people's enthusiasm this morning as they talked about our outreach plans next Sunday.

I LOVED the well-attended journey group leaders' meeting hosted by Kay Johnson this morning in the library. Thanks, Kay, and thanks to all who attended.

I LOVED Treena's report of complete healing in her eye, and the display she had in the atrium for next Saturday's coupon swap program in Women's Connection.

I LOVE singing Con Brio's arrangement of a prayer by St. Augustine in the song, "Alive Again."

I LOVED one of our members telling me how overwhelmed he and his wife are by the church....being the church! I love to hear reports like that.

I LOVE knowing that our Peru mission team are safe in Arequipa, and worshiping this morning in the city church and tonight in the pueblo church. I would love to be there. The Spirit works there!

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