Sunday Night Rejoicings

Sunday after Sunday, I say this, but it just happens that Sunday after Sunday, I'm blessed by the pastors and people--and GOD--of the church I pastor. Today has been no exception.

Our InMotion children's ministry launched their new format, complete with many of the teachers and participants in thematic costumes, and I wish I could have been there to enjoy...and take pictures. Great job, all of you!

In the worship celebrations, the worship music, led by Under Cover, was--as always--utterly uplifting and upbuilding.

John Johnson planned and delivered the most imaginative message I think I've ever seen. He actually constructed a silo in the auditorium (on the left in the photo above; sorry for the quality, but the photographer is not the brightest bulb in the box) and delivered the first ten minutes or so of the message from INSIDE the silo, and had a video feed that showed him, contained and isolated in the silo, speaking to us from the big screen! He also had (thanks to Guy Moore and others on the tech team) a SECOND camera that he could switch back and forth from to show us the cozy confines of his self-imposed cell. After he introduced the topic of consideration--how many of us tend to prefer isolation from each other rather than engagement and vulnerability and community with each other.

Then followed a dramatic video that was just delightful--and powerful--that drove home the point even more. Then John--real, live, and in person--took the stage to give just the right challenge and persuasion, that I pray prompted many to become involved in one of Cobblestone's many journey groups. John concluded with a video promo for our next series, "The Blessed Life," starting next week, and a benediction.

As the 10 a.m. celebration let out, Cobblestone's journey group leaders were ready...people entered the atrium to the unprecedented sight of Cobblestone's finest (journey group leaders and other volunteers; the group leaders all wore bright yellow safety vests to make for easy identification) doing the electric slide!

Once that was (mercifully) concluded, people were able to snack on all kinds of goodies (include a fountain of chocolate) and browse displays and games set up by the journey groups, find out more about each group, and sign up to indicate their interest in any or all of them.

As hectic as this morning was for me, I was nonetheless able to welcome a couple newcomers, pray with a couple folks, and connect mightily with God throughout the morning. Thank you, Lord!

And the excitement continues: in a little over an hour, the official launch of "The Third," our 7 p.m. Sunday worship experience designed for students and twenty-somethings. Last week was in many ways the most exciting "Third" yet, and I'm praying for a great launch, thanks to God's power and the cooperation and effort of The Third's leadership team.

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