On This Blog's Sixth Anniversary

I know you will find this hard to believe, but tomorrow--April 25, 2015--marks the sixth anniversary of the Desperate Pastor blog.

The first post in Desperate Pastor history appeared on April 25, 2009. It was titled, "The Beauty of Broken Things." Since then, as of this post, 1,484 posts have appeared in this humble little corner of the internet.

So, to celebrate, let me offer, based on a thoroughly scientific formula of traffic, reader response, and my own personal preferences, ten of the top Desperate Pastor posts in the first six years:

1. 7 Keys to Staying Married in Ministry

2. You Probably Will Not Like My Church

3. A New Way to Pray 

4. Sense-ational Preaching

5. Balancing Ministry and Family

6. Boundaries for Pastors

7. How I Got My Groove Back

8. My Single Most Effective Office Organization Tool

9. Top Ten Things I've Learned as a Pastor

10. Why I Value Female Ministry and Leadership

Of course, I could list many more: many book reviews have been among my favorites. I love "The Pastor's Desk" recurring feature. I thoroughly enjoy recapping my reading at the end of each year. And more. But the above will serve, for now.

Thank you for reading this blog. Please keep reading. I'll do my best to make Year 7 better than those that have gone before.

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