A Month of Thanksgiving

It happens at least once a year: Someone says, "We should be thankful every day, not just on Thanksgiving."

Here's the next best thing: A month of Thanksgiving.

My friend Ray Hollenbach has created a thirty-day devotional, available in hard copy and ebook, that will help you cultivate a habit of thanksgiving (if I were a preacher, I might say, "an attitude of gratitude") and celebrate a full month of thanksgiving rather than a single day, once a year. Designed to be started on November 1 and last through the month, each reading presents a short, thought-provoking meditation followed by a question for self examination, a practical idea for cultivating a life of thanks, and a quotation from one of many spiritual guides through the ages.

For example, the November 5th reading includes this gem:
Your Heavenly Father is not the author of evil in your life, but he is the editor. What men mean for ill, God can use to build goodness into us. A thankful spirit flows not from the fatalistic acceptance of every event but from the conviction that God is with us.
A Month of Thanksgiving is a perfect way to deepen and broaden your Thanksgiving celebration--and an ideal prelude to the approaching season of Advent and Christmas.

I love this idea. I wish I had thought of it first.

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