Church of the Week: The Salvation Army, Lancaster, OH

The Salvation Army corps (church) in Lancaster, Ohio, has been featured before as Church of the Week on this blog (here), but since I had the honor and joy of preaching there yesterday, I thought I'd mention it again. This was the first church we pastored and our first assignment as Salvation Army officers. We arrived in June 1980, and served there for three years. In our twenties. Before we knew how little we knew.

It had been more than thirty-one years since I had preached in the lovely wood-ceilinged chapel of this church at 228 W. Hubert Avenue, on the southern end of Lancaster. And I think the above photo was taken right as I was saying something like, "Don't mess with me, hear?" That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

For more about this lovely church and service center, where our friends Bryan and Laura DeMichael are serving, go to the previous post (here) or to the Lancaster Corps web page here.

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