8 Headlines You Won't Be Able to Resist!

Buzzfeed and similar websites have introduced a new kind of headline to news articles, intended to draw as many clicks as possible. As a humble blogger, the Desperate Pastor doesn't get nearly enough traffic. So, what if I started writing Buzzfeed-like headlines for my blog posts? I thought it would be worth a try:

You Won't Believe This Church Name (At Least They're Honest)

Totally Shocking--But TRUE!--Church Website Claims

I Was Gonna Show These Keys to Staying Married in Ministry To My Wife--Until I Got to #7

Is Your Pastor Saved? Not Without This!

One Insanely Easy Tip to Change Your Daily Life!

Church Signs Like This Should Be Outlawed!

You Won't Believe What We Saw on This Pastor's Desktop!

How One Photo Exposed a Churchgoer's Sick Behavior!

What do you think? Did it work? Should I keep it up? Stay tuned...

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