Church of the Week: The Salvation Army, Lancaster, Ohio

The lovely Robin and I had a fine time returning to the scene of the crime--er, I mean, the first church we pastored and our first assignment as Salvation Army officers. We were assigned to The Salvation Army in Lancaster, Ohio, in June 1980, and served there for three years. In our twenties. Before we knew how little we knew.

We fell in love with so many wonderful souls there, and a couple of them are now the new corps their hometown corps: Captains Jeff and Debbie Stacy.

It was a joy to worship in that simple but beautiful chapel once more, and even more so because we were joined by some who had been teens--or children--when we were there, like Jeff and Debbie, Georgetta Morris von Dolln, Cheryl Taylor-Finney, and Candy (Wiedner) Moore. In addition we got to see some dear ones who WEREN'T teens or children when we were there: Barb, Dickie, and Auggie.

And, for the first time since roughly 1982 or thereabouts, we heard God's Word from his servant, Debbie. What a blessing.

The Salvation Army's Lancaster Corps has been in this location since 1978 or 1979, just before we became corps officers. The facility is much larger than when we were there, due to a southern addition (for an adult day care center called The Samaritan Center) on which we broke ground in June 1983, just before our transfer to Cincinnati was effected (the addition was completed under the able stewardship of our friends Steve and Janice Howard).


  1. Ah, we have fond memories of our first church in Lancaster, Ohio. It was easy to follow such great people as Bob and Robin as the officers/pastors there. The people were great and it is good to hear of so many that we had relationships with.

  2. Looking forward to many more "reunions" in as our ministry in Lancaster, OH continues. God has a reason for bringing us back home and we look forward with Joy to what He has in store.
    Debbie Stacy

  3. Wow! So does that mean you were commissioned as officers in Kansas City in 1980? If so, we were commissioned at the same time and place, since all four territories were together that year! We were part of the Central at the time, and I presume you were with the Eastern territory? What a small world! :)

  4. Yes, Lucy, that's right. 1980 in KC. So we're session mates. Matter of fact, I was the cadet speaker for the East (I'm sure you remember me NOW!). I think they gave me three minutes. Oh, and I was Railton, too, in costume and makeup of course...I remember sharing the stage with General Brown. Though my session mate Don Lance (now DC in Eastern Penn) got all the credit because in my wig and beard I looked more like him than like Railton!