The Importance Of An Abundance Mentality For Leaders

A little while ago the Ministry Best Practices blog featured a post entitled, "The Importance Of An Abundance Mentality For Leaders." It's a doozy. It says,
It is important to live with an abundance mentality. When we release and give ourselves away - our resources multiply. Having that abundance mentality is also key for leaders.
Can I get an amen? This was always my ambition as a pastor and leader, but unfortunately was one of the areas in which I failed to adequately impart that vision to others...and lived to regret it.

The author of that post lists four examples of "scarcity" thinking and contrasts them with four examples of abundance mentality in church leadership and ministry. I think he's dead on. Read the whole thing (here). You won't be sorry.

(photo by Nina Hostetler)

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