Simple Sermon Outline: Climbing to the Spiritual Mountaintop

Here is another "Simple Sermon Outline" intended to ignite (not replace) the process of prayer, study, and creativity for any desperate pastors out there in Pastorland who take seriously the task of study and preaching but may be up against a wall and fresh out of ideas. This one is entitled "Climbing to the Spiritual Mountaintop," and surveys the beatitudes of Jesus as (possibly) progressive steps in the Christlife. In fact, each of the steps can be shown to be reflected in the life of Jesus and his journey to the cross--and eventually to his resurrection and ascension:
Climbing to the Spiritual Mountaintop
Matthew 5:1-12

1. Humility (Matthew 5:3)
2. Brokenness (Matthew 5:4)
3. Meekness (Matthew 5:5)
4. Appetite (Matthew 5:6)
5. Mercy (Matthew 5:7)
6. Purity (Matthew 5:8)
7. Peace (Matthew 5:9)
8. Suffering (Matthew 5:10-12)
This outline could also suggest a series of messages. After all, you can never spend too much time in the Beatitudes, in my humble but accurate opinion.

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