Simple Sermon Outline: When You Need a Friend

It is time for yet another "Simple Sermon Outline," the final offering from a series a few years back entitled "God's iPod." It is intended for the hardworking pastor who takes seriously the task of study and preaching but is sometimes up against a wall and fresh out of ideas. Like the other outlines in this series of posts, this one is simple and sparse, in the hope that it will ignite (not replace) the process of prayer, study, and creativity.

Below is the outline for "When You Need a Friend."
When You Need a Friend
Psalm 122
Intro: "Friending" people on Facebook. Whether you’re on Facebook or not, everybody needs a friend.  
Three actions to take when you need a friend:
1. Get with God (Psalm 122:1)
2. Get with the people of God  (Psalm 122:1-5) 
3. Get with the people around you (Psalm 122:6-9)  
Promote their peace
Promote their security
Promote their prosperity
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