A Pastor's Failings, Pt. 5


It's time for the latest installment in this recurring feature here on the Desperate Pastor blog, in which I confess some of my failings as a pastor and leader in the church and (I hope) by doing so, encourage other pastors not to feel alone and not to make the same mistakes. Or not to make them again. Or not to make them as BIG as I did.

In the four churches the lovely Robin and I have pastored in our short but eventful lifetimes, we never managed to achieve a healthy balance and rhythm between work and rest. This was partly because I never quite conquered the tendency to equate activity with accomplishment.

In every church we served, we worked very hard, added numerous programs and activities, and grew the church until the place was full on Sundays and the calendar was full throughout the week, with ministry happening Sunday through Saturday in one way or another. I confess to having published newsletters and calendars that displayed full schedules for all to see. I confess that I took some pleasure and pride in all that was going on in the Savior's name.

But I was a fool. Activity ≠ accomplishment. In fact, the more activity, the less focused my efforts--and the efforts of the church--became.

If I had it to do over again, I would have consciously pursued less motion and striven for more direction.

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  1. What a great lesson to hear about and not go through:)

    The doing aspect has a way of causing a person to lose focus of the main goal. Great thoughts.