Church of the Week: Immanuel Lutheran, Hamilton, OH

I had the pleasure last Wednesday of attending Ash Wednesday services at Immanuel Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod) in Hamilton, just three miles from my home.

Immanuel was established in 1896, according to a banner hanging in the sanctuary, which makes it 116 years old, according to my feeble math skills.

The delightfully liturgical Ash Wednesday service was attended by about 50 adults, and a class or two of the children from the school.

I really like the sanctuary; beautifully understated, with excellent acoustics. An organ and choir loft is located in a balcony at the rear of the sanctuary.

On my way out, I noticed a rack of "Quiet Bags," available for use by families with small children. It brought back memories of when my wife and I packed "church bags" for our children, to help them endure "grownups' church" when they were pre-schoolers and grade-schoolers. I didn't open any of the bags, but they looked really well-stocked. I may just return sometime with some kid off the street, just so I can enjoy this really cool service the church provides.

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