Insecure Leaders

Pete Wilson recently posted this on his blog. He's right. Though I have to say that, judging from the list below, insecurity looks pretty indistinguishable from lack of character. Is it possible to have character and let insecurity rule you?
While I won’t argue that lack of character has brought down more good leaders than just about anything, I would say insecurity runs a very close second. An insecure leader is a dangerous leader.

Insecurity can torment the most gifted of leaders. It will make you…

doubt instead of trust

criticize instead of praise

protect instead of risk

assume the worst instead of the best

talk instead of listen

micromanage instead of empower

control instead of surrender

In the end it will erode your effectiveness and leave you useless and powerless. Your worst nightmare will become a reality as you look around to discover that no longer is anyone following you.

What does your insecurity look like when it raises its ugly head?

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