Church of the Week: Believers Christian Fellowship Church, Dayton, Ohio

The lovely Robin and I enjoyed a wonderful morning of worship yesterday at Believers Christian Fellowship Church in Dayton, Ohio, located at 1516 Salem Avenue.

We were warmly welcomed and deeply honored by the members and leaders of this church. The atmosphere from beginning to end was warm and loving and celebratory.

We knew a little about the church before entering, because Robin works with fellow counselor Lynn Harris in Middletown, and a sweet friendship has grown between them for the last several years; Lynn's husband, the Rev. Dr. William Harris, is the senior pastor at Believers Christian Fellowship Church. The church is just over six years old, having been started in May 2005.

We also knew that this Sunday would be "Youth Sunday" at BCFC, a fact Lynne had mentioned to Robin on Friday. We were so blessed by the youth choir, that led worship singing and presented a stirring special song.

We also loved the participation of the children, who sang several songs in worship.

And Rev. Bill Harris's sermon on Luke 17:5, was simply outstanding; I loved every minute of it. And there were a lot of minutes of it! But there was a lot in it to love: excellent insights into the text, humor, effective illustrations, passion, and more.

Lynn was so kind to sit with me and Robin, and Bill was so gracious to honor me by allowing me the privilege of a pastoral prayer and a final "word" after his sermon. We couldn't have felt more welcomed and I couldn't have been more honored.

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