Church of the Week: Valley Assembly, Spokane Valley, WA

I had the blessing this morning of worshiping with my friends Eleonore and Reg Forder at Valley Assembly just a stone's throw from our lodgings and venue for Friday and Saturday's ACW Conference.

Soon after entering the broad vestibule, I found the coffee service (no surprise there) and--be still my heart--biscuits and gravy bar. My kinda church.

I snapped a pic of the auditorium about 20 minutes before the service started:

Right on time, the worship team assembled, with musicians (including saxes, trumpet, and trombone) on one end of the stage...

And a large group of singers in choir on the other end.

The worship was lovely, a blessing. I LOVED hearing the trumpet adding glosses from time to time!

The speaker was missionary Stan Drew, from Swaziland, who spoke from the feeding of the 5000 in Mark 6, very nice job.

After church, Reg and Eleonore dropped me off at my hotel downtown (which I'll blog about on Hither & Yon). So glad to have worshiped with them...and my brothers and sisters at Valley Assembly.

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