Snapshots Starts Tomorrow

I'm excited about starting our new teaching series tomorrow at Cobblestone (except in "The Third," who always do their own thing because they're too cool for the rest of us). It's called Snapshots.

Tomorrow will be the first time we've ever done a "prequel" to a series. We're going to worship a lot through music in the celebrations, and then I'll take a few minutes to introduce the theme of the series and get us all on the same page for the season of Lent. It'll be fun. I hope.

Then the messages in the Snapshots series will be:

March 20 "The Guy in the Shawl"
March 27 "The Guy in the Desert"
April 3 "The Guy in the Painting"
April 10 "The Guy in the Synagogue"
April 17 "The Guy with the Whip"
April 24 "The Guy in the Garden"

You'll really want to be there for all six "Snapshots." I truly think they're gonna rock our world.

Oh, and don't forget: we "spring forward" tonight! Daylight Savings Time starts this weekend. Which is good, because I've been stressing about all the daylight we've been wasting.

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