52 Quotes for This Generation of Church Leaders

Brad Lomenick leads Catalyst, a movement comprised of a series of more than ten annual church leader training events across the United States involving tens of thousands of church leaders. He posted recently "52 Quotes for This Generation of Church Leaders." Here are seven of my favorites:
  • A lot of us as leaders are willing to allow our team members to make decisions, but want to step in as soon as we see something done differently than we would do. Don’t make that mistake. It is totally demoralizing to your team.
  • Four things poison a team faster than anything else: arrogance, lack of communication, “me-first” vs. “we-first,” and jealousy/cynicism.
  • What pastors can learn from business leaders: (a) Collaboration (b) Excellence (c) Execution.
  • What business leaders can learn from pastors: (a) Relationships first (b) Income for greater purposes (c) Leadership.
  • Ultimately, we create a culture of trust by trusting, and trusting more, and trusting even more.
  • I would much rather have a horse I have to hold back versus a horse I have to spur to get going.
  • Love people until they ask why.
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