The Holiness of God

If a reliable measure of a great book is how often a reader refers to it in conversation while (and after) reading it, then R. C. Sproul's The Holiness of God is a great book. Before finishing the book, I had referred to it numerous times, including in a discussion in my Journey Group study, and from the platform in last Sunday's message.

I always find Sproul's writing to be endearing and rewarding, and this book is no exception. His lively perspective on familiar Bible passages (which frequently gave new insights to me) is engrossing. And the way his mind works, evident in the flow of the chapters, from "Holy, Holy, Holy" (chapter two) to "The Fearful Mystery" (chapter three), "The Trauma of Holiness" (four), and so on, is fascinating. And, though he does mount his hyper-Calvinist soapbox late in the book, it could have been much longer and more polarizing than it was (particularly in a book on the holiness of God!).

His fifth chapter, "The Insanity of Luther," was a bit of a "bump" to me. I wasn't sure for much of the chapter, where he was going with it, and why. It felt like a confusing detour on an otherwise well-marked road. It eventually did make sense, however, and was unremittingly gripping reading.

The Holiness of God is essential reading for every Christ-follower, in my view. If you haven't read it yet (I'm a bit ashamed now that it took me this long), get to it as soon as possible. A fine audiobook verson is even available for FREE right now from

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